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Saturday, December 27, 2008
note: any blogging mistake is due to the fact Joon Yang is auto nudging like crazy and Weng Kit just called me cutie just so i would go play badminton.

"put busy, Joan. does wonders."


another convo.

me: are you looking forward to school?
him: for example?

0.O" weird reply no?

erm. the pics were suppose to go the other way round but since its like that, i'mma start from here.

TVXQ and BIG BANG. one more day. patience.

the ladies of the family. be-earlied Christmas dinner.

that's me with a star on my head. xD

the movie i watched last night. its nice. (:

the pic we took just now. its the place outside my house at the traffic lights. my mum have always wanted to take a pic of it cus the deco's really nice. so tonight we had roti telur near the mamak stall there and walked over to take pics.

currently watching a rerun of Criminal Minds and Himalaya Singh and Sergeant Bilko?
ish, keep getting distracted. i better go.

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