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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
this is the must-est MUST watch thing EVER! especially you, Rachel cus you're so gonna flip. It's Hero talking to TOP after the Love concert on the 9th. towards the end of the clip, Hero starts walking past the Big Bang members to get to TOP at 0:36. && Hero's got his hands on Top's shoulder. oh my gosh. i think i'm gonna have a heart failure soon. @.@

Credit to jaejoongiefied for taking this fancam and zerohundred in yg_bigbang cus that's where i saw it.

so today was actually kinda depressing. but yea, isn't it always? neway, after school, mum dropped me and Jill off at JJ. met up with Fredson and Derrick to watch movie. was supposed to watch Madagascar 2 but its not out yet. so we ended up with James Bond: Quantum of Solace. the movie boleh la but the plot was odd. maybe because i didn't watch the previous one?

and of course, you don't forget his gorgeous blue eyes.

neway, i gtg now. gotta walk over to Giant to buy the food and things we need for tomorrow's class party. hope noone kidnaps us.

ciao. (:

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