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Monday, November 10, 2008
right. lets get down to it.


Group name: History Makers
Group members: Me, Brandon and his friend, Mok Jia Xi but we call him Ah Mok. i would be the oldest in the group. brandon's 14 and Ah Mok is 13. why am i always stuck with the lil boys? haha. no laaa, it was fun with them. although they kept teasing me. x/

we were suppose to have 10 checkpoints but due to limited time, they decreased them to about 7.

Flag Off:
The fastest to complete the puzzle leaves the church first.

Checkpoint 1:
Clue - Something bout King Arthur and an industrial knight behind a hill.
Meaning - A factory called Windsir, near church. so naturally we had to walk around and look for it.
Task - Artificial sound and mammons. means bird nest. take pic. next destination.

Checkpoint 2:
Clue - Billionaire, Derick Trump who likes to eat a dish which is salty and has herbs.
Meaning - The hypermarket named Billion. had to take a bus there. took one nearly a whole turn around town before reaching destination.
Task - Take a pic of the place that sells the dish. its "yim kuk kai" btw. the chicken stuffed with herbs and wrapped in aluminium foil before kukus-ing it.

Checkpoint 3:
Clue - something bout a name being any other name but if you look closer, the real meaning's in tow. and roses and lilies and trees in concrete jungle. =.=
Meaning - its a place which sells plants and stuff at Jalan Ampang Baru 6. took a cab there. then we took another one cus the place is actually further in and we had no more energy to walk.
Task - this was definitely the toughest task. they gave us 10 scientific names of plants and we have to take pics of them. bugged Cammie to googled em. my group ended up leaving that checkpoint last.

Checkpoint 4:
Clue - lol. there was no clue. the guy just told us to walk down the road and we'll see Iskandar Polo Club?
Task - Skill or Physical? Skill was using rocks to hit a can that was hanging from a tree like 50m away. Physical was drinking one whole can of Coke and running/walking to the end of the dirt road for Terrence and that guy's signatures. everyone ended up choosing skill but later changing to physical cus hitting the can was kinda difficult and wasting time. but it was a really long dirt road though, 10-15 minutes or more walk.

Checkpoint 5:
Clue - First line to the chorus 'Be to our God. Forever and ever.' and something bout legions and fighting.
Meaning - Salvation Army
Task - Do whatever the lady tells you to do. we wiped windows.

Checkpoint 6:
Clue - Princess Ra lost in the city where Rubeus Hagrid resides.
Meaning - Giant in Sunway City.
Task - Take a pic of a lonely island surrounded by palms which is also the gateway to the something and dens. its the roundabout near my apartment but they won't believe me. ish.

Checkpoint 7:
Clue - Mary lost her lamb. look for her at No. 2, Jalan S.A.S.U.
Meaning - i have absolutely no idea. haha. we all just took the cab and went to JJ. had to wait forever for the cabs cus they were busy and none that could come to our area to fetch us. around 15 of us were just sitting by the side of the road, waiting for any cab that would come our way. finally i got into one with Moses, James and Jeffrey. the cab driver was this old uncle and he was driving super slowwww. but i did get to learn my left and right in chinese at that time. lol.

reached JJ. had 20 minutes for "lunch" although it was around 4 plus adi. belanja-ed my members sushi and pepsi.

Final Task - look for the lamb surrounded by donkeys and dears in an alien land.

now this was horrible. no one got it right. we walked around JJ looking for lambs and donkeys. i even went into Timberland and asked them if they have anything made of fleece or wool. yes, i was quite crazy by then. wasn't the answer though and we went walking again. the race ended before we got the right answer. sigh. i was so close cus the answer was the stall selling accessories outside Timberland. its called Eden Lamp. 0.0"

went back to church. announced winner. my group was second in place. ahhh, so close right? nvm nvm. i still got an Ipod, just that i can't "touch" it. xD

had a lot of 'firsts' in this race. like my first public bus ride, my first time drinking one whole can of carbonated drink O.o , my first time walking for so long for another reason other than shopping and it was also the day where i spoke the most chinese. xDD and now i'm having the worst sunburn ever.

will try to post pics when i get em.


went to MYC on Sunday morning. primers which consisted of me and the other lower sixers were in one group and we washed about 6 cars. in total we as in BB made RM650. had a few complains cus the cars weren't washed properly. Thank God the cars my group washed had no complains especially from this uncle who owned an old Benz and he was like walking around the car checking for scratches or something.

went home around 12 plus. it was suppose to end at 11am but my mum could only fetch me later. so Tak Hao kinda stayed behind to teman me and we had a chat. LOL. my heart goes out to him la. he's the kinda guy that was really wild when he was young and went through quite tough situations and he was like telling me bout his family and stuff. he's a fighter and he has the scars to prove it. he has a temper, a pretty dangerous one but he's way better now.

i don't know, i just felt for him and hopefully by being in BB, something good will happen to him. i trust God and i pray he'll one day trust in Him too. (:

oooh, final week of school. i can't believe i'll be going back to another WHOLE year of school next year. i can't believe this year is gonna end! this is so depressing.

hmmmm. i shall eat to make myself feel better.
ciao. again, all the best to the SPM and STPM students.

p.s is there a limit to how many times you can right click or open windows on the computer? lol. cus mine can't right click or open any new windows after using for about a few hours. =.=

what if there were no hypothethical situations?
-John Mendoza-


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