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Friday, October 03, 2008

slept at 5am. woke up at 8am. went jogging/walking on the threadmill in the gym for an hour while reading my bio. (: erm. went out for lunch. bumped into Ju Dee and Shas. wanted to go JJ but decided not to. no parking. came home. online. i'd say so far my day has been very productive. did most of what i have to do. other than the part that i have more bio and chem to read. =/ will be going to mum's Rotarian friend's house later in the night to celebrate Hari Raya.

woke up at 11am. did my maths while listening to BIG BANG for like the whole afternoon. ((; walked out for dinner. ended up at the mamak stall cus the others didn't open, not even Giant's foodcourt. ate more than we could pay. mum had to walk back to get more money. lol. decided to check out the gym. had a weird half hour or so working out spree. i think that was why i couldn't sleep till 5 in the morning. actually i would have stayed up till the morning but scared no energy to go threadmill-ing after that. xD

first day of Raya. yay! SELAMAT HARI RAYA to everyone. hmmm. i think i'm actually kinda late in saying that. went over to another mum's Rotarian friend's house for lunch. i lurve Raya COOKIES! and he has this really cute grandsons. the older one speaks English eventhough he's a Malay. he's just starting to learn how to read Malay words. the younger one blows flying kisses at you. adorble aren't they? no pics though. went to visit both my great-grandmothers after that.

err. what happened today? i tak ingat dah. most probably nothing exciting anyway. so i shall now proceed to putting in random pics.
This was actually taken on Sunday night. Those two guys were volunteering to teach the kids how to play guitar. forgot the name of the home though. its somewhere TCS.

and these are my two beloved hamsters. don't you feel like squishing them cus they are soooo adorable? Mango has this tendency of sleeping like a dead rat. i think its her ploy so that i would let her out. xD

taking a picture of you taking a picture of me.

watched this movie on 8tv yeserday morning. its called Taking 5. weird story but really cute guys. btw, they are actually The Click Five and they act! surprising isn't it?

of course, when i speak (type) of cute guys, i could never leave out my favourite.


hmm. i think i need to go take a nap. i'll most die later if i don't.
good night. will be back after exams.
all the best to everyone who's gonna face the same horrible fate as i am.
God Bless!

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