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Monday, September 29, 2008
but today is too good a day and i must blog bout it. i went out with my gang.

finally, we were reunited! all 8 of us. today was such a good day, as i've mentioned before. xD met up in jj around 11-ish. had lunch in Food & Tea.

Hasy: "Cute waiter alert!" xD

that takeshi look-a-like fella didn't seem to want to serve us. haha. he was like looking for a way out the whole time we were ordering our food and he had the "Lord, why did you do this to me? someone please get me outta here!" look. =.=

talked and chatted like crazy during lunch. its been ages since i laughed like that. felt good you know? Michi told us about her experience in Euphoria, the supposed hippest club in kl right now. Zouk old news dah. lol. we are all growing up, aren't we?
we just shared and laughed and camwhored the whole time. i really really missed that. bet we were making lots of noise. xDD

then we walked around, window shopping. ended up in food court, sat around a table and talked and camwhore even more. till an hour before the movie started, we decided to go take those sticker pics in Capcom.

haha, now that was kinda disasterous. we were so not good in it and we went to two different stalls to take pics cus we weren't satisfied. ended up, the second one was worse. lol.

watched Accuracy in Death.

its quite a nice movie but i guess you need to have a bit of patience. its more to a dark, slower paced movie. dard cus it rains through the whole movie except the end. but the plot is really nice and the dialogues are funny. plus he's sooo adorable with him being naive and that smile. awwwwww. (: too bad for Ju Dee and Thanush who left in the middle of it and went shopping. xP

after the movie, went shopping again (what do you expect when a bunch of girls come together?) in Padini cus they are having SALES! Jenny and Michi bought something each.

oh oh. i nearly forgot. i got PRESSIES! :DD

my dictionary! hahahahahahha. big thanks to Rachel, Jenny, Thanush and Adrian! then i got a magnet thingy from Michi. it says

"Its not my fault that when i was a baby, i was dropped in a box of GLITTER and i've been shinin ever since!"

so sweeeet! ((: and those are our disasterous sticker pics on the dictionary. LOL.

and nowwwww, PICTURES OF THE DAY.

Rachel's Kanye West/Top specs.

i miss them already. if i could cry easily, i would have cried when they all left. sigh. now i have to wait till the next hols.

kay. gtg. really got to go study now.

take care.

people walk in and out of your life but those that leave their footprints in your heart are the ones that matter and i have 7 pairs of footprints in my heart. <3

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