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Thursday, May 29, 2008
just came back from YACF camp today. at around 6pm. dead tired. muscle aches all over. gonna jump into bed after this post. its gonna be a long one though.


was nervous a bit about going to a camp where i know noone. went to Elim Church at 8am to meet up. the venue was MyGopeng Resort. about 45 minutes drive there. took Shas' car there. creepy la his driving. like we were riding in a roleercoaster. lol. reached there ahead of schedule. decided to go body rafting but it started to rain. so tak jadi. :( btw, the theme of the camp was "An Army".

we were separated into 7 groups. i was in Ptarmigan Track. lol. try pronouncing that. my group leader, Grace Foo. other members include Marcus Ng, Joon Yang, Eunice, Constance [nice name right?] and the overseer is Kar Mun. all really nice people. i'm missing them already. we had free time till 6pm.

prayer. was okay. don't remember really well. dinner. session 1. NOTES: -end time army of God. -understand the agenda of Satan -each have our own God-given destiny -total surrender to God. which reminds me. the pastor is Ps. Benjamin Chew. from Spore. he came with his wife and a few other young ppl in their early 20s who were really nice too. really like the pastor though. in a way, he's a bit different from the other pastors i have seen cus he actually tells us what he intends to do. like he would say that after the sermon, he would have an altar call for whatever which was really cool cus that would prepare us beforehand on what to expect.


had morning exercise. synchronised star jump. nuff said. already had my muscles aching after that. prayer. breakfast. session 2. NOTES: -return to the life of holiness -return to God in first love -deal with sin areas. lunch. station games.

fun. tiring. really really tiring. had to pull myself across the pond while standing on a float in the pond. got stuck half way. had to jump into the muddy pool and swim to the other end. passed the lime using our feet and catching it at the end and biting it. really gross cus our feet were muddy and dirty. hats off to Jun Yang for doing it! ran cross-country style to fill up balloons. crawled commando style to collect red beans off the ground. drank eeky bread in coloured water in the wrong answer game. got dunked in the pool three times by Kerry. ><>session 3. NOTES: -an army armed with prayer and intercession -desperate soldiers -James 5:16. lights out.


same thing. exercise. this time we have to do some partner thing. prayer. breakfast. session 4. NOTES: -evangelisation. -personal testimony. they thought us how to use the John 3:16 verse to tell others about Jesus. quite a good way. gonna try it on Jenny. :D

lunch. who's the general? a game. where we have to find the general. horrendous cus all the commitee are mean ppl. rachel made us dance to Low. shas had the girls do the duck walk twice to save the dudes from the grave yard. i kinda got the whole group to jump into the pond cus Kerry said i talked too much. lol. sorry, ppl! we did the chicken dance. twice. got dunked into the pool again. did the caterpillar butt crawl. 15 squats. the pokemon song and dance. yup, pure torture. we also yelled to clarence as instructed by theo: "YOU'RE NOT GAY ANYMORE. I'M SORRY. DON'T GET OFFENDED." xD

bla bla bla. session. didn't take notes. oops.

presentation. oh my. me=Trojan Horse. sigh. campfire. was really nice. the scouts really did alot to make sure the campfire went well. they had leeches and cuts and bruises all over when they went in the jungle to collect the wood and whatnots. so THANKS LOADS YA! slept at 5am.


last day. sad. woke up at 8am. ya, panda eyes. i know. prayer. breakfast. session 6. erm. no notes either. but it was about surrendering your life to God. to cross the line of No Return. read more in my xanga blog la. xP

yea, that's it. i can guarantee i had more fun and experience compared to my sister who went for the United Live concert. lol. xD

God Bless!


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