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DC Camp 08
Thursday, March 13, 2008
i would say this year was better than last year's. compared to last year where i was being a bit off and i didn't really got a lot from the sermons and prayers, this year was much better. i was sceptical about the camp cus it was just me and jill going and its not like we have very close friends there. but i knew i should go and i'm really glad i did.

first day was okay. got to know what's my group and the members were okay too. met a few new friends from kota bharu. we had this mascot thing we were suppose to make. my group was Hudson Taylor. he was a British Protestant Christian missionary to China. a really cool guy. the worship was done by our own church. then we had an intro from Pastor Simon Tan all the way from Spore on the sessions. all the sessions were on the topic of issues faced by youths such as peer pressure, sex, materialism and substance abuse.

day 2. prayer in the morning before breakfast. then session 2. the band weren't here yet so the worship was done by our church again. then the sermon. about the influence of media. well, for me, i would say the sermons this time were more to being educational. teaching us how to deal with them, how to avoid them and all that. the sermons were okay but they were kinda cliched.

lunch. the band arrived by then. after lunch, it was station games. it was tiring. and the sea is really salty. and i got sunburnt. quite nice cus it was by the beach. oh, i had to bite this kaya pau which was really gross cus joses was biting it before me. not only that, there's sand all over it. eww right? during the free time, me and jill went to the swimming pool but endep up playing table tennis with the others.

the band. >> L to R: Phil, Amber, Mitch, Mel

dinner. prayer. session 3 about negative peer pressure. then sleep time.

day 3. the usual. then it was session 4. it was about sex. quite funny. lunch. murderer hunt. ahh. it was horrible. was wearing long pants and i got wet. had to roll on the sand too. nearly won but didn't. sigh. nvm that. then dinner. session 5, about materialism. then there was altar call. this night was really good for me because God confirmed/reinstated a few things that i was really doubtful about. so yea, it was real good.

day 4. last day. sob. session 6, about addictive substance abuse. erm. didn't really pay attention cus was trying to finish up the mascot. hope pastor won't read this. eek. then it was the presentation. ahhhh. i'm horrible at talking in front of ppl. finally announced the winner. we got second place. then it was all the camwhoring times. went to queensbay mall. reached home around 6-ish.

so to sum it up, it was better fellowship for me this year although most of the times, they were bullying me. spiritually, i was awoken. i understood what's hope. and i finally believe that i do belong. that i wasn't overlooked, that i am in His eye. that He sees me and loves me. also found out i have unforgiveness in my heart. kinda still can't figure out who is it i can't forgive. and another thing, how do you forgive?? lol.

yea. will post pics when i get them. ohh, all of us got free cd from the band. haven't heard it yet though.
and i'm so proud ntg like last year happened. x]

that's it. xoxo

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