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Friday, December 14, 2007
it was flippin' AWESOME!!! lol. i keep writing that. but that's because its the truth. so hmm.. what have i learned from huge this year?? let me go thru my brain for a while. ok here goes:

the theme for this year's huge is CHAMPION. its not just about crossing the line, its about how you cross it.

gah. it would have been easier if i had my camp booklet with me now. but i think its left in taiping. now i have to exercise my brain a bit. =.=

on the first night aka champ's nite 1+ ps clement preached. he talked about what it takes to be a champion and he used david and goliath as an example. i'm gonna be a bit random now cus i can't really rmb everything in details.

what now?? rite. the next day. i don't rmb much. as usual. my memory cannot be depended on. its too rosak adi. sesson 1+God reaches to us thru ways we understand. He speaks to us in our language. when He does miracles, He does them in a way that we could comprehend so that its easier for Him to reach us and to make us believe in Him.+[ps mike]

session 2+mixed messages. we should not live a double life. don't confuse Jesus on who we are. don't live an obedient faithful Christian life in church and when you leave the church, you become someone else. don't give God mixed messages. ps phil ashed those who wants to commit their lives to God to stand up. we stood up.+[ps phil]

champ's nite 2+ I AM. and we are not Him. and so we praise Him in everything we do.+[ps mike]

day 3. session 3+ beware of look good christianity. don't just wanna look good but be good as well. this is how we can reach the others.+[ps phil]

session 4+ justice, righteosness. to be a church without walls. to reach the poor and oppressed. God is with us if we are with them. a quote from Bono during the NAACP awards.+[ps mike]

champ's nite 3+ there were healing. i believe a lot of us felt His healing power. absolutely amazing! even when we stuffed up, even when we had ppl who hurt us, we must never forget that we are called to be His children. let His love in and He will heal us.+[ps phil]

the last day. sobz. session 5+ our treasures are stored in jars of clay. we are the jars of clay. we may be flawed and imperfect but His grace is sufficient for thee for His strength is made perfect in weakness. amen! lol. then we had the prayer tunnel. i love the prayer tunnel. lol.+[ps mike]

that's bout it i guess. oh ya. another thing. He told me to put off the fear. no more if's, no more but's. what He says i do without doubts. to have faith that He will lead me through. which is why i stood up and joined yes aka youth enrichment study. pray that my mum will let me go. lol.

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

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