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My Christmas Wish List.
Friday, December 19, 2014
I'm really doing this for the fun of it. There is some scientific research somewhere that says just the idea of a holiday and planning for it brings increased joy; this is something similar.

So you know, if you want to get me any of these, feel free to but there's no obligation or subtle hinting (ahem, except for ze boyfriend). Heeh.

In no particular order, lets commence.


The last new wallet I had was my Braun Buffel wallet which was a birthday gift. That was 3 years ago? Not really old but I feel like I should change, you know, to start afresh. 

I'm going to be quite specific with what I want because I don't believe in spending money on something that would turn out to be useless to me.

There are a few important aspects; type, material, and colour.

Type of wallet should be something like the Fossil wallet below. I don't want anything too bulky; as compact as possible is best. If its not obvious enough by the three examples below, a long horizontal wallet is what I want. Was thinking if a zipped kind would be good but considering my clumsiness, the zip would just annoy me (I'm not very good with zippers).

I like things that stand out. Red is usually my go-to colour because finding a pretty (non-tacky) yellow wallet is quite difficult me thinks although this Coach blue is pretty too. When it comes to colour, the idea is that it should be able to withstand (read:hide) dirtiness. Again, my clumsiness.
Leather is probably not the best material for me. My Braun Buffel is so scratched, I'm ashamed of showing it to anyone. No amount of free polishing can save it. >< If it must be leather, there are those rough kind where scratches won't show, yea, those will be good. Or cloth (like the Billabong below).

A good wallet is one that is comfortable to use, easy to maintain and stands out/classy without looking tacky. ^^


My mum has been saying forever about how she's getting me a new watch but so far, no show. 

Again, I'm gonna be picky. Leather straps is a must; average thickness, none of those thin ones. Was going for dark brown but I saw blue and it looks good too. :D No white, absolutely no white. Round faces, no squares or ovals.

Nothing too bling; gold is always a good colour on me, silver not so much. Design should be simple, leaning more towards a subtle elegance. Nothing bulky or flashy. No giant numbers on the face.

Daniel Wellington watches seem to be 'in' brand lately. And... I approve! Haha. The watches are simple and classy and there are even couple watches! *hint hint*

Ooooh, are they gorgeous or what? Okay, mind made, this is absolutely what I want. 


To be precise, a wireless mouse. Nothing expensive. It just has to be functional and smooth.

And maybe a mouse pad to go with it? Preferably with a wrist rest? Heeh.

Xiao Mi 3 Phone Cover!

Is there one that has all the features of the covers below? Lol. 

One that is able to answer phone calls without flipping over, a touch of yellow on the covers and and the same time, allow my phone to stand so that I can play my Plants Vs Zombies 2 without my fingers cramping?

Off shoulder tops/dresses!

I've been looking and looking but it's so hard to find the one I want. I came close to getting one but there was something wrong with it and there went my off shoulder dress. It was even yellow! ㅠㅠ

This dress comes the closest to what I want. Or this. 

Or tops like these.

The reason I like this is you guessed it, the yellow daisies. :D

And this ends my wishlist. 

I'm just writing this for my own enjoyment, so yea, no pressure.

Can't wait for Christmas!

Tis' the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

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