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Tuesday, December 03, 2013
on to part 2! 

there was a week in October where i traveled back to Ipoh to attend a friend's wedding. is he considered friend ah? lol. he was my officer when i was in Boys' Brigade. really happy that he tied the knot. ^^

i'm looking forward to all the weddings i'll be attending next year. :D

and then, early before that, there was graduation. supposed to be my graduation too but yea, Korea and everything moved the plan back a little. still, i'm very happy for my batchmates! they've done it, they've completed another part of their journey and now ready to move on to bigger better things (i hope haha)!

with the proud graduates, Alice and Andrea. 

with Charles.

with Nurul.

one day, it will be my turn (in 2015 ><)!

and earlier that day before heading to the graduation ceremony, i had a photoshoot with my group members for our Leadership magazine. its an assignment for our Leadership class where we design and make a magazine based on leadership stuff. yea yea, leadership? really? but still, kinda fun because its not the usual research paper assignment. plus we get to take pretty pictures of ourselves!

i can't help but put all my fav pics here. they're so pretty! we're so pretty! :D

and a random day where i helped my friend act in her advertisement which was also a class assignment.

with Charlie, my co-actor.

i think there is a part 3 coming up. lol. this is the update for now.
more coming soon! ^^

이 눈물이 잠들 때까지 더 있어줄래요?

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