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Monday, December 09, 2013

tra la la~
as always, its pretty guaranteed i'll be here whenever my finals are around the corner (and my first paper is literally 12 hours around the corner).

got myself some colorful feathers. :D this year's Christmas deco in Sunway Pyramid is real pretty.

took a few pics the other day when mummy came down to visit. 

there's been some changes that happened over a very short amount of time. i've got 20/20 vision now thanks to daddy. Lasik was a very interesting experience, the surgery itself was painless and fortunately, i did not suffer as much compared to all the stories i heard. in fact, there are no side effects and i could see quite clearly after 5 hours of sleep after the surgery.

another change was my phone. haha. yessss, a new phone! thanks to Daddy again. i am very blessed indeed. got myself a Sony Xperia C which has been serving me very well. 

the last change would be the fact that i've got wheels now. lots of practice and experience needed before i consider myself competent. sorry but i won't be driving anyone around till i can trust my own skills. :/ but all in all, i feel that this is a significant milestone in my journey to adulthood. ^^

these are all the latest updates in my life. like i said, finals start tomorrow. i'm starting to feel nervous now. /squeaks. prayers are appreciated. (:

be back soon!

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