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Friday, November 22, 2013

been gone for too long, haven't i? it has even started snowing in Korea. i do apologize. i would say i was out living life but erm, that might not be accurate. haha. still, the past month and the half have been somewhat good, much better than my pre-Korea time (only because instead of being a hermit, i'm going out more often).

lots have been happening; Daddy's birthday and the fact that he's back for a while, meeting up with my girls and only realising very belatedly that we should have gone out more often when we were still students together, traveling back to Ipoh to attend a wedding, lending my face and terrible acting skills to two productions, school stuff, graduation, going out and meeting new people, yeap, all that. busy busy busy. i'm not complaining, no, i think i quite like it despite the dent its putting on my wallet but there is no price to the times i get to spend with my family and friends. heeh. ^^ plus plus all the good food that i've been gobbling. so blessed!

i guess i'll let the pictures talk. its easier that way. mind you, there's gonna be a few and not chronologically arranged at that too. they go all the way back since September. gosh, i'm such a terrible blogger. i didn't even find time to blog about my birthday. i'll have a separate post up for that later.

first up; my girls and food. they go well together. :D

idk why but the picture shows a very unflattering image of us. they blame my camera. D:


no idea what we were laughing about but isn't that what happens when girls get together? talk, eat, laugh, get a little crazy.

with Andrea's big-eyed pink lemur.

Daddy's 55th birthday where we went out and had dinner. 

 family picture.

gonna miss Daddy when he goes back to South Africa but he's gonna come back for CNY so yay!

i'm gonna stop here for now because its getting too long (a bit OCD la) and move on to the next post aka part 2. no idea whats with the gif below other than its cute. /grins

you and me against the world.
with you, I ride or die tonight.

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