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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
안녕! here to do a little recap on some stuff that i have not blogged about in Korea. two trips/outings that i went on before coming back. first one was to Gimhae, my buddy, Olivia's hometown. she promised to bring me to visit since the beginning of the semester. so, after her exams ended, i took the bus over and she brought me around. 

for lunch, we went to a famous 돼지국밥 (dweji gukbap) place in Gimhae. we had to take a number and wait for our turn. yea, that's how famous it was. thankfully, we didn't have to wait long.

introducing the lunch we waited for. its technically pork slices and rice in soup. its special because it can only be found in Busan. so if you go to Seoul or other places, you won't find it. i like it because it isn't spicy, it has meat and rice, my two favorite food and its the best thing to eat during winter.

after lunch, we took the bus and ended up at a museum. it was quite a small place and it was showcasing the history of Korea.

this is Korean hopscotch. :D

we had a drink in a coffee shop nearby because it was so hot! and then, we headed over to a park which i think is one of the famous tourist attraction in Gimhae. 

this mirror makes us look thin! haha. we loved it so much. i had to leave in the evening as i had another appointment. was really glad to have spent the day with her in her hometown. it was a very good experience and another good memory. *^^*

and about two weekends before i was supposed to leave, i took another trip down to Gyeongju. this time for the sole purpose of visiting the Sex Museum/Love Castle. hehehe. look, its not everyday and everywhere that a sex museum is within my vicinity. might be a bit NSFW, so yea. 

yes, i'm hugging a large colorful penis. *go me!*

and sitting on a penis swing.

whoa! double the fun! hahahahaha.

i might have hugged one, sat on one, had one in each hand but still, taking picture with a ginormous one was a bit too much. (;-_-)/ btw, that 'ejaculation' is activated by sitting on a seat near when i'm standing. you sit on it long enough, he will spray. ( ̄~ ̄;)

if you are interested in this kind of thing, the fee to go in is pretty reasonable. i heard they have reduced it as it was more pricey before this. its not that big but there were quite a lot of things to see. they showcased artifacts from long ago that were sexually related. very cool! i don't know, i personally enjoyed it. would have been better if i understood Korean as there were quite a lot of information and i couldn't understand a single bit. (∩︵∩)

other than the sex museum, i went cycling around. that is the thing to do in Gyeongju. i really wanted to go to the water theme park but it wasn't exactly in the plan.

that's about it so far. everything bloggable in Korea has been blogged. i miss the place so much but it will remain as a beautiful and amazing experience for now. because i will return again. count on it.(○゜ε^○)

have a great week ahead. ^^ God bless!

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