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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
i realized i never got to blog about the friends i made over there, so i'm gonna do that now. ^^ disclaimer: long post is long.

it wasn't very easy making and keeping friends because of the language barrier and the culture difference but i think i did manage to make some good friends. i am very very glad and blessed to have met them. unfortunately, i only managed to make friends in my second semester there which meant we only had time to hang out for about 3 months. such a short time, 아쉽다. D:

most of my Korean friends were also my 'buddies' from the Buddy Program in English Cafe.

this was my Monday buddy, 충희 and if i'm not mistaken, he studies food and nutrition. he's really tall, i think about a head and a half taller. haha. whenever we went out together, he had to bend down to listen because i was speaking so softly and i had to tilt my head up whenever he spoke. :D

we managed to hang out about two times before i came back. my most memorable time with him would be when he brought me to this awesome place in Seomyeon to have supper and 막걸리. we had pineapple 막걸리 (makgeolli/rice wine) and this pork dish (bacon?) which was the best thing i've ever eaten over there. i finished the entire plate by myself and also a salad that had apple mayonnaise dressing. very special and super yummy. 

he's really cute because he would come late to our buddy time sometimes and he'd buy me drinks to make up for it. there were also some random times where he'd just drop in and pass me a bottle of drink that he bought. he's a really nice and kind guy. his English was passable and i think he kinda saw me a younger sister. heeeh. (^_^)

this is my other Monday buddy; Olivia or 재민. she's my age if i remember clearly. i think we really connected because we had quite a lot of similar interests (aka Korean actors or in general, fine-looking guys) and we would flail over them. she was the one who introduced A Gentleman's Dignity to me, one of the best Korean dramas i've watched. we didn't really get to hang out much because Korean students doesn't seem to have a lot of time but before i left and after her final exams, i managed to visit her hometown, Gimhae which i'll blog about soon. 

there are just some people that you meet and feel that "hey, here's a good person and a good friend." and that's what i felt with her. she's the optimistic, bubbly kind that made me feel comfortable to be with. plus her English was good since she majors in English literature. oh, i miss her. (≧∇≦)

introducing my Tuesday buddy; Jin. this is unfortunate to say but i think as of right now, he is the most handsome friend i've had. he's yea, pretty much the best looking guy friend i have. oops, don't be offended okay. i love you all the same! ^^

he's 4 years younger than me which makes him 19. just started his degree course and majoring in tourism. his was also the best English among my other buddies which made becoming friends much easier. we hung out quite often and we went visiting places around Busan together too. the best time i've had has to be the time we went to Songjeong beach. everything about that day was so perfect and so beautiful; the memory like a painting to me. i'm really glad to have met him. (◕‿◕✿)

 and now, my Thursday buddy, Lina or 경린. i love this girl, she's crazy, drinks alcohol like its water and wears her heart on her sleeve. she's one of those who feels everything, laughs loudly, gets super excited about stuff and grabs your hand when you walk together. she is exactly the kind of friend i wish i had here in Malaysia. i think all girls need a friend like her. i wish i could have brought her back with me. but more than that, i wish i can be more like her. she was the only one who cried during our final farewell. that girl ah.

 every time we met up for the buddy sessions, it'd involve lots of laughing and giggling and her hitting the guy sitting next to her. she's the mood maker and i think i knew what it meant to brighten up a room through her because that's exactly what she does. i really wished we had more time to build a more meaningful relationship but still, i'm very grateful to have met her. 。◕‿◕。

my second Thursday buddy, 재빈 오빠 or Jebi. ^^ here's another fun person to be with. you can't blame me for liking Korean guys when they're like him. you know, the sweet talker, the ladies man, the kind that says things that makes you blush and your heart warm. okay, so maybe not your cup of tea but so mine. ♡^▽^♡

Thursdays were my favorite day then. and they were the ones that made staying in Busan so worthwhile especially after the break up. if it weren't for friends like them, i wouldn't have been able to face going to English Cafe or going about as if life was okay.

well, these are all my English buddies. there are others who i don't have pictures with, 주연/Ju Yeon, 유미/Chloe and Ellen. Ju Yeon was another girl who was really nice and made me feel like we're close despite the language barrier. When we were in Korea, she couldn't express herself in English and so she'd lapse into Korean but she was so excited about whatever she's talking that i would let her. i met up with her while she was here in Sunway for an exchange program. her English has greatly improved. haha.

Ellen taught me perseverance, patience and hard work will pay off or at least, that's how you should approach learning. she would come see me everyday to go over her English or correct the work she's done in the textbooks. she was so persistent with it and i felt bad looking at her work so hard whereas English came so easy for me. i really wish her all the success in world, i know she will do great things.

Chloe is another girl who was really nice and friendly and made the effort to be friends. we weren't very close but idk, i just like her. but i guess they can be different people when they aren't with me. being a foreigner tends to bring the nice out of other people. lol. oh well.

and now introducing, 동수 or Jun who is in the same gang as Lina and Jebi. he's a really nice guy but for some reason, he's not the kind of guy i would date. Lina and I actually discussed this because he's really quite a good catch but both of us just don't feel it. ( ・◇・)

there's also 미현/ Mi Hyeon who is in the same gang. they call her the chic girl and i agree. she's super cool about stuff and very kind too.

L to R: Jebi, Mi Hyeon, Lina, me, Jun

there are other friends from my first semester but unfortunately, we weren't very close. still, i cherish and hopefully will remember the short time we had together.

okay, i'm going to move to part 2 because this is really getting quite long.

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