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Thursday, August 01, 2013
per request, i will first blog about the two days one night trip my uni mates/awesome girlfriends took down to Ipoh to visit me/fill their stomachs (i wonder which was more important?). hehe.

they were the first friends i met up with other than Jonan after i came back to Malaysia. i missed them terribly when i was in Korea and was glad to be able to bring them around Ipoh and share with them the amazingness that is Ipoh food. :DD

why they trying to dig that poor elephant's nose, i have no idea but we did have lots of fun in LWOT. its been awhile since i went to play in the water theme park and to have such simple fun with such good company was a blessing indeed. 

look at Mei Kei exercising while Andrea is trying to finish her dumpling (her supper btw). haha. futile efforts, Mei Kei. just accept and embrace all Ipoh has to offer and then, you can work it off after. we had quite a lot of food (taugeh chicken, ramadhan bazaar, caramel custard, salted herbal chicken, etc), not bad considering it was my first time bringing people around since coming back. had to turn a few rounds before i got it right. lol.

despite just spending two days together, i'm glad we got this chance as most of them won't be around when i'm starting my sem in August. they're all busy with internships or thesis or back home waiting for graduation. boo hoo! no Andrea for me to confirm assignment hand-in dates or company for lunch or familiar faces in my classes. i know, i know, i was the one that ran off to Korea. this is the price to pay.

when we reached KL, Siew Chien picked us up (thank God!) and we had lunch in Petaling Street, some famous restaurant while watching the filming of some movie in the street below. oh oh, and that night, for the first time, we went to "starbucks". haha, what an awesome welcoming start to my life in KL. ^^

L to R: Mei Kei, Andrea, Yenns, Chareessa, uni/class mates and girlfriends forever. 

thanks for being my friends and for being a part of my life.

When the sun's going down, we'll be raising our cups
Singing, here's to never growing up


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