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Hatyai, Thailand.
Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Hatyai was a weekend trip with my mum a month ago. it was a tour thing and we took a bus up to Thailand. lots of aunties, karaoke singing and bulk shopping during the trip.

my mum with the tuk tuk, Thailand's version of taxi. quite fun to ride as its open; you get to feel the wind and see the cars and bikes zoom by.

of course, you don't go to Thailand and not watch the tiger(?) show. it was quite an experience. i envy their boobs. lol. and they have really nice bodies. well, they have to,of course.

Thailand also means lots of temple visiting. the weather was scorching but from one temple to another we went. in a day, i think we went to three temples. they were all real pretty but other than that, there wasn't much to see.

i was very glad when we went for dinner at a floating market. this one is not a real real one but its close. the food was good. ^^ the food i experienced in Hatyai was all good.

the only shopping we did was for food, lots of food. haha.

i guess this is it. i don't have much to write about Hatyai. idk, maybe i'm not used to the constraint of a tour group and we only had a weekend to go around and i think the aunties were just more interested in stocking up, so yea, not much to say.

gotta get back to work. have a good week ahead! it'll be tgif soon! keke.

God bless!

p.s. next post would be about Korea. ^^

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