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Thursday, June 20, 2013

hi, guys! missed me? (^0^)i know i know, i should be having all the time in the world (which i do) but why am i not posting anything? i... have no explanation. ㅋㅋ but i'm here now. 

lets see. what have i been up to lately? i'll start with the Haeundae Sand Festival. it was awesome! i wished i had the time and the right company to witness everything that happened in the festival but alas, i only have but one body and i can only be in one place at a time. 

you may wonder why i would say this. this is because apart from the main event, they had other stuff going on named aptly fringe event. i guess it ensured that more people came flocking to the festival but i wasn't able to enjoy every bit of it. also, maybe because i was a tad too short to peer over people's shoulders. still, they had a lot of things going on and it was a really good festival; there was a little bit for everyone, children, adults, families, couples, locals, foreigners and all. i must say, S.Korea does know how to put on a great festival.

here are some pics to paint the picture.

whats a sand festival doing if it doesn't have ginormous sand sculptures?

and this was during the opening festival, a live performance of sand art. i didn't know it was live till i saw the lady at the corner of the stage. :D

this was during the air show and it was one of the coolest things i've seen. i mean, they were so in sync and aligned! it was amazing! it was spectacular!

and who am i supposed to enjoy all these if not with my friends? ^^

there were lots of other things that happened, they had a parade and band performances and a flying robot and lots lots more. haha. oh oh, during the opening ceremony, First (a mixed idol group that i know nothing of) and No Brain performed! 

i foresee this being a long post. so, buckle up, sit tight and enjoy~ ^^

next up! take a guess?

yup, i can now safely say that i've lived and breathed Busan because i went to a Lotte Giants baseball game. :D and the best part? Lotte Giants won! the game was confusing to me since this was my first time and what little i knew came from the movies. thankfully, my Korean friends helped out with the translations. ㅎㅎ

and another proof that i have fully immersed in the Korean baseball culture; presenting the plastic bags!

we do look quite adorable, no? ^_^

and now, Silla Holic time! as mentioned in previous post, Silla Holic is the name for this year's university festival. this is why i like S.Korea, you know. they have uni festivals where they serve alcohol and have competitions on who can smoke the fastest and of course, have celebrities over to perform and all this for free!

this festival was my first and last time experiencing one, so i took it upon myself to thoroughly enjoy it sort of. haha. the idea of the festival was that each department has their own stalls where they sell a variety of food and a steady supply of alcohol. the food are mostly meat, ramyun and other street stall food. the alcohol were mostly soju or beer or a combination. there were also stalls selling jewelry and like the picture below, artists offering their services for a donation of 100won and above. i looked prettier that day compared to the caricature sketch! hrrmphhh~

at the Chinese stall. ^^

the festival was held on the field and the blue tents are stalls. other than the performances by celebrities, they had things going on like dance, band, orchestra performances and Voice of Silla and lucky draws.

and now! the celebrities! Leessang was a crowd favorite but i only got to see them from afar. Baekchigi was not as well known but there were fans around. 10cm was another popular one and of course, Ailee. she was super adorable! and all around me, the guys were going, "she's so cute!". ㅋㅋ she started off with Beyonce's Crazy In Love, sang her two title songs and some OST song. hearing her sing live was mind-blowing. i got goosebumps! the only setback was the short time all the performances were. i think the longest performance was 10cm. most of them last only half an hour or so. D: still, can't complain now, can i?

yes, you have reached it. this is the end. phew~ heeeh. that's pretty much what i've been up to these past three weeks. i'll be going back to Malaysia next week. pretty torn up about leaving, on one hand, i miss home but on the other, i will definitely miss Busan and all the friends i made here. D:

oh well. tis' life, is it not? hellos and goodbyes. 

have a good week ahead! God bless~

“One makes mistakes; that is life. But it is never a mistake to have loved.” 
– Romain Rolland

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