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Sunday, May 26, 2013

an update. does it seem like i have abandoned my blog? rest assured, i have not. heeh.

lately, i've been out and about (a welcomed change) and now, i'm gonna compile everything that's been happening in this post. ^^

firstly, during the public holiday over here two weeks back, my spring bf and I went to Songjeong beach (송정해수욕장).  i had a really great time, the kind where i can file into the 'wonderful memories in Korea' folder. the weather was just perfect to put on a dress and walk hand in hand for 8km along the Dalmaji Road to reach our destination. haha. although the truth was we took a wrong turn and ended up on the other side of the neighborhood. i'm glad for it though, it was a romantic walk. (⌒▽⌒)

the scenery was just beautiful, the sea on our right, the mountains on our left. the breeze was chilly enough to make walking under the sun not so terrible. the trees acted as shade, the air was clean and refreshing, and my company was just delightful. (-o⌒) and the sea water was coooold~ the atmosphere was really lively on the beach. lots of uni students took the public holiday as an opportunity to have MTs and lots of families were around, camping and playing with their children. there were a few couples around too, one of them who had to persuade and cajole her bf to take off his shoes and socks and enjoy the waves with her. *coughyesi'mtalkingaboutmyselfcough*

it was indeed one of the better days i've had here. that's one thing i like about Busan/S. Korea, its easy to get around and there are a lot of places like this where people can go to enjoy and unwind. i think, its a nice place for children to grow up in. :D was thinking about this on the way back from church today.

and last Friday, i finally got myself to the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dream! and along with me were Yan Yee, Henry and Victor. the musical fountain show was simply mesmerizing, magical and a must-go. it was definitely worth the one hour plus trip there for a 30 minutes show. it was so pretty and somehow, the fountain managed to interpret the feelings of the songs. they played a total of 5 songs and the fountain operates every day at 8pm and on weekends, they have two shows. you can even request songs to be played. here's a short vid i took of two songs; (:

and then, on Saturday, i went hiking in Busan Children's Park (어린이대공원). i was reluctant at first but i'm glad i went. not only did i have a good time fellow-shipping with the church members but the park was really nice. again, this is what i like about Busan/S.Korea. they have all these parks and beaches and recreation places that are safe and free and people/children-friendly. it really encourages people to go out, enjoy the outdoors and spend real quality time with nature and loved ones.

these are the church members i was with. at one point, i wished that i could spend a day like this with my CG members or friends. this kind of hanging out is the best! ^^

in conclusion, the picture below pretty much sums it up.

i'm living the good life now, so grateful for every memory, every friend and every day i have left here. next week is gonna be another exciting week because its Silla Holic week, a yearly festival held here and they invite celebrities to perform. this year, the performers are *drumroll* Lessang, Baekchigi, Ailee and 10cm.

this is it for now. take care, have a good week ahead (its the last week of May!) and God bless~

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