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Seoul baby! (Part 2)
Monday, February 04, 2013

i am so sorry its taken such a long time to post about the Seoul trip. well, it was fun but it wasn't that spectatular since i didn't have time to go to a lot of places. i did manage to walk around Myeongdong and went to Lotte Department Store.

i guess the most significant thing we did was visit the War Memorial Museum. it was a very interesting place and if anyone ever visits Seoul and is really interested in Korea and all that, this is the place to go. :D

took a picture with this guy because i presented about him in my Korean History class. plus he was a great and admirable guy. ^^

 the place was really cool. there were life-size planes and tanks and machines that were used during war. there was also a hallway that had names of all the lives lost during the wars which made me really sad looking at them. D: 

they had a lot of stuff, the place was really big. i guess when you visit a new city, it seems customary to go visit some sort of museum of that place. that's one thing on the to-do list checked. i really wanted to go to the zoo though. maybe during summer holidays. hehe.

where else did we go? we went to Dongdaemun but it was closed. i have no idea why it was closed on a weekend but it was, so i'm gonna try that place again when i go down to Seoul in a few weeks time. oh yea, we did take a short walk in Hongdae. i was really hoping to get a glimpse of the clubs there but i think i was on the wrong street. :D that place needs more exploring. 

i think that was pretty much my whole trip. it was really cold and that demotivated us from exploring more. we must definitely go again during summer. that's it from me for now.

with 오빠 back in Malaysia (today's day 3 btw), its been especially sad. i'm just hoping that the days pass faster and occupying myself with things to do and watch. on the bright or should i say rainy side, it hasn't been very cold because of the rain but the rain isn't very conducive for going out either. its a lose-lose situation. ah, well.

i'm gonna head to bed, its a work day tmr. good night and God bless! 

p.s. the gifs are so adorable, aren't they? hehe.

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