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Thursday, January 17, 2013
i do apologize for not having been around. there's really been nothing much going on. to compensate (?), i guess you could go over to my other blog and take a look. its not exactly a secret blog thing but i just have the need to separate everyday life from my occasional rants and thoughts. i don't exactly understand why i need to compartmentalize like this but yea, here you go. i will, however try to write more over here because its no different, is it whether i write here or the other one. ><

i've been and still am a total pig. the cold does not agree with me and i only go out on Tuesdays and alternate between Saturdays or Sundays. i'm very glad to have been born in Msia, i miss the sun and the warmth so much. i feel so tired all the time over here, makes me wanna stay under the blanket and hibernate. the worse feeling is the restlessness and feeling restricted. i know winter shouldn't be an excuse but it really doesn't make going out easy. not to mention, all the money spent on public transportation and eating out. i'm gonna shut up now because i'm just being grumpy and ungrateful.

on the bright side, Big Bang concert in a week's time! i absolutely cannot wait. :D and going to Seoul with the boyf. gosh, it feels like an adventure! ^^

there most probably won't be much update till after the Seoul trip. so erm, keep safe and eat some Ramly burgers for me. heeh.

God bless!

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