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Saturday, December 22, 2012
okay, so my 'hello december' is 22 days overdue but hey, the world didn't end, so i can be forgiven, yes? :D

i'm not exactly sure why i'm here. erm, Christmas is in 3 days! nothing feels better than being able to buy Christmas presents, wrapping them up and writing them cards. i feel happy and blessed just being able to do that. ^^

as of everything else, i had my Korean History exam the other day and it was alright if you consider being able to answer only half the questions asked alright. and for the first time in my life, i wrote in an exam paper these words; "the official reached home to find his wife making love to a demon". sounds like some sort of story i'm writing ain't it? the class was fun though.

things in the cafe have been quiet seeing that it was exam week but exam week is over now and a lot of the Korean students are heading home. i do envy them, wish i could do the same. the cold makes everything worse really. i want to eat tong yuen! 

&& today's our one month anniversary. somehow it feels like its been forever but i'm glad its only been one month. i look forward to more months together. heeeh. ^^

gonna watch a movie in my bed now. goodnight, folks! God bless~

baby, it's cold outside

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