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2012 in review. (:
Thursday, December 27, 2012
yes, quite obviously the title is stolen from FB. here's my 2012 and all that has happened within this year. this year hasn't been particularly eventful other than the fact that not in a million years would i have imagined myself in Korea at the beginning of 2012. other than that, things have gone by pretty smoothly. (:

January 2012

February 2012

March 2012

the first quarter; the beginning of the year is always exciting, so much possibilities, new experiences, and second chances. there was as always CNY where we had good food and good company. went to two concerts; Super Show 4 in Singapore and Lee Hom's Music Man tour. uni proceeded as usual, the stress, the occasional fun, the lectures and all. it was quite a busy time, short sem mah.

April 2012

May 2012

June 2012

the second quarter/half; well, April was when i broke up. and then, life went on. there were lots of things happening and i got myself involved in stuff too. overall, i enjoyed my newly acquired singlehood and there were the usual stuff that needed lots of attention aka assignments and studies. heh.

July 2012

August 2012

September 2012

the third quarter; i guess i would note this time as the most life-changing time of my life. everything i never thought i could or would do, i did. even the things i hope i wouldn't do happened too. D: there was Emerge of course. it was challenging, crazy and enriching. i mean, i wouldn't want to go through it again but i'm glad i did. Emerge was definitely a defining moment in my life, in a terribly good way. heeh. 

and then, there was Korea. :D the most exciting thing that could happen in my 20 years of life and it did happen because i'm typing this right now in my room in a dorm in a university in Busan which is in S. Korea. ^^ i am so grateful for this opportunity. there are no words to describe how glad and how happy i am to be here. however, i will not not complain about the food or the weather here. man, i miss Malaysia. is this why they do this to us? to instill patriotism? 

October 2012

November 2012

December 2012

the last quarter; being in Korea feels magical, different, new, strange. its been a great time here despite the cold and the food and sometimes, the language barrier and the people and the culture, i am in Korea. dreaming about this seemed okay but to be here for real is a blessing indeed. not forgetting to mention the getting a boyfriend part because that's always a plus. :D he's such a sweetheart, i cannot possibly be any happier. ♥

so yes, this is it. just 4 more days till 2013. i feel, no, i know that 2013 has much more in store for me and i'm definitely going to enjoy being here in Korea and make good use of the time here to have fun. hehe. hope your 2012 was great but if it wasn't, fret not, you have 2013 (end of the world was postponed, you see)!

God bless and good night. (:

p.s. Christmas was great, like really.

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