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Saturday, November 03, 2012

flashback. this was taken at a botanical garden/ hiking place near Busandae. more info over at the other blog;

i am getting very confused over which blog i should be posting all these stuff at. it seems that i keep going back and forth between both. whichever it is, do keep a look out for both, kay?

and now, back to the present. we had a Halloween party last Wednesday which was somewhat successful. ^^ i'm really glad the people who joined us had a good time.

the Korean gang that i have sort of became friends with.

and below are the staff of the English Muse Cafe. from L to R: me, Nay, Delon, Merryn, Aoudourm and in the middle is Sopheak. the three of them are Cambodians. 

and then, today, a slightly chilly Saturday, a few of us went to 범머사 which is also known as the Temple of the Nirvana Fish. one of the reasons we went other than the fact that it is a famous tourist attraction is the maple leaves turning red, yellow, orange. the scenery was really pretty!

with filter.

the weather was just right but we did not hike all the way up because the day was getting late and by 6pm, its already dark here. maybe next time? :D gonna have to train up my stamina though.

i know this post is not much but i will be back, hopefully soon to blog more and not just about what and where. i've been "observing" how it is like over here and i've got a few thoughts i like to write about.

till then, goodnight and God bless! (:

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