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welcome to Korea!
Sunday, October 07, 2012
 i'll let pictures do more talking, yea? i know you ppl are quite anxious for me to blog about Korea and stuff. 

well, this is all the two days before flying off to Korea. my mum came down to help me pack (or more like pack for me) and we ate some pretty yummy food too.

The Loaf and MOF.

these are all the ppl that sent me off. my mum went back to Ipoh on the morning i was supposed to fly off. my dad, stepmum, sisters and friends came to the airport to bid farewell. there were my family, classmates and cell group members. :D

it was tearful time but for me, i think the excitement of going pretty much override everything else. D:

on the way. our flight was tiring, i couldn't sleep a wink. the breakfast on the plane was yummy. just that they woke us up at 3am for it which meant that we were starving by the time we reach Busan. you can read a more detailed arrival over at the official blog.

Incheon airport was pretty. it was large, the roof was the kind that let natural light in and it was quite advanced. one thing that i found out was how the people in the service industry are super friendly and helpful and nice but if its just the normal people walking around, they feel quite intimidating. :/ anyhoo, moving on to the food. the food yes, are spicy. so far i can tolerate (especially the bowl of hot steaming pork ribs soup seen below) the food, those served in the cafeteria are not that bad but i guess i'll be bored of them after a few months.

the weather is quite chilly, sort of like Cameron Highlands and even colder at night. unfortunately, its going to get worse during winter. D: the university is amazing, the scenery is beautiful with hills and trees everywhere. the air is refreshing, making walking around easier. the buildings are quite far apart from each others which means i'll be exercising every day. heeh.

the people i've met so far are friendly and nice. my roommate seems nice too. she's from Venezuela. :D i'm excited to start work on Monday. hopefully, i'll get to enroll for classes despite being one month late. i'm not really a talker but i'm looking forward to starting the buddy program. gonna practice my conversational skills. 재미를 같은데!

i keep speaking Manglish which is confusing to the others, i think. lol. gotta speak proper English now. and i keep speaking Malay too. :/ day 2 went well. figured the vending machine on my own and bought myself banana milk. :D tastes good too!

still got a few more things to work out. hopefully everything will work out smoothly. gotta find myself a church too. this is it for now.

굿나잇! God bless!

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