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Global Gathering! (Feel Global Busan!)
Sunday, October 21, 2012
 was trying to figure a way to not make this post so long but the pictures had to be this big, so yea. endure. heeh.

Global Gathering (here for more info) was fun! mainly cus i got to try on different costumes and drink teh tarik. haha. but it was really nice looking at all the different cultural booths and experiencing some of them. 

yes, there was a Malaysian booth where we got our fix of teh tarik and kaya bread. if i'm not mistaken, also the first time i've worn a baju kurung. :/

messages of hope(?).

the place where it was held was next to the river and the scenery was just beautiful. and with the weather being so nice, it was good day out. here are the costumes i tried on!


 Korean traditional wedding costume.
they actually did up my hair into a bun to stick the thing through. :D and the lady praised me because i knew how to hold my hands. ^^

Merryn insisted on being the groom. but she did get her chance to dress up as the bride later on. :D

Japan again, but this time a kimono.

the guy's a Korean though. lol.

is a big fat mustache considered a costume? ㅋㅋㅋ

we spent about 3 hours or so over there. there were performances and just a lot picture taking. :D for example:

the slightly cold weather which makes going out so much more enjoyable was what made the day so great. you can't exactly do this in Malaysia. ._.

we didn't really learn a lot about the other countries and cultures that were there. but i did manage to do the one thing that i've always envied about exchange students. i got to try on the traditional costumes, not just Korean but Japanese too. (-^O^-)

and now, a little backtracking. shopping! finally got myself to Spao. just being surrounded by all these giant pictures of SuJu gets me elated. i wanted to hug my Spao poster to sleep that night. 

and now, fast forward. please excuse my ugly toes and chubby fingers. aren't my nails pwetty? ^^ all thanks to Yan Yee. 

and now, i will end this post. i need to get my ass to bed.

the Global Gathering made me miss my family and friends. D:

goodnight. God bless! have a wonderful Sunday.

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