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Thursday, October 25, 2012
thought i'll do a little Kpop update over here. haven't fangirled in a while. :D

i guess the title gave me away (if you understand Korean). yes, i'm talking bout B.A.P y'all. BAP stands for Best Absolute Perfect btw which is true and on the spot.

they started out with a really tough image despite being quite young (youngest member, Zelo is 16?).

but theirs songs were good; Warrior, Power and No Mercy had awesome choreographs and the weren't irritating like some of the other boy groups (my opinion btw). the way they debuted, the concept of their group was done really well. they started out quite perfectly i would say. this would be credit to their company of course who has also produced Secret (who is one of the girl groups i do no dislike). 

from L to R: Daehyun (19, Main vocalist), Jongup (17, Main dancer), Himchan (22, Visual), Yongguk (22, Leader & Main rapper), Youngjae (18, Lead vocalist), Zelo (16, Rapper).

with their Matokis. i really like this concept because it was something different and its kinda cute. the Matokis can do what they can't do as themselves.

recently, they went with a cuter image for Crash and their latest song, Stop It. some fans are complaining but i don't mind the change at all. they have still managed to keep their style and i think coming out with a more younger and cuter image is good actually. they need a break though,  promoting non-stop like this will take its toll.

and now guess guess guess, who's my bias?

the dancer, of course! Jongup!

he's so ridiculously shy and quiet and on variety shows, he's kinda the dumb blur one of the group. but man, when he dance, he is another person entirely. and he krumps! so rare to see that among idol dancers.

Yongguk, the leader is really adorable too. :D he has this deep husky voice and raps really well and has this huge smile that is so cute.

took me awhile but after scouring youtube and watching their stuff, i realised that Daehyun is the best looking one among them along with Himchan, the ulljang of course.

kyaaaaa! :3

i don't know how crazy i will be over them. i have yet to call myself Baby but yea, they're really adorable. urgh, too much free time on my hands, that's why.

i've been trying to figure out how they do their greeting. i just can't see how they do their B. :/

anyway, i've spent way too much time here. got to head to bed. goodnight! here's some BAP love for you from their latest single!

goodnight and God bless!

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