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Monday, September 17, 2012
this past week has been a week of farewells and celebrations.

this was the farewell organized by my cell group, E7. we went to have our lunch at Hungry Hog after Sunday service. as a farewell gift, i received 100,000 won which is so practical of them. (:

the food was great and despite not everyone being able to make it, it was still very special and very sweet of them. 

and then, my dad decided to celebrate my birthday early. daddy cooked a feast; there were crabs and braised duck. yum!

my batch of classmates also decided to throw a farewell + birthday party for me. it was awesome and something that i didn't expect at all. i was very touched by their effort to organize this for me. ^^

 this was the card they made for me. this is the biggest card i've received my whole life. :D

when i went back to Ipoh, my mum and sis celebrated my birthday for me. it was really just one cake after another; one celebration after another.

how blessed can i be to have such awesome and loving friends and family around me.
Thank you, Lord.

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