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party time!
Monday, July 16, 2012

actually, i'm just using this as an excuse to be my daily planner for the coming week. i keep losing track of what's happening. 

lets start from Monday;

last paper ends in the afternoon.

thesis briefing at 2pm.

maybe jalan-jalan with Chareessa in Pyramid or meet up with Audrey to discuss Future in Neon fashion stuff. explains the purple neon sign underneath. :D i didn't think i'd be joining anything and here i am joining the big competitions. stress!

hopefully, i'm not too brain dead to sing k at night with the church ppl. that would be at 11pm. :/


mummy's coming down which means the whole day devoted to spending time with her.

there'll be prayer meeting at night though.


third time on the skating rink. its my goal to skate perfectly and swoosh around the rink by this year. :D


i only recall dodge ball at night. hm, i'm sure there's something going on in the day. maybe meet up again to finalize discussions on Future in Neon.

i remember now. i'm supposed to watch Batman with Weng Kit. 


made time to go to Mid Valley to see the Mickey Mouse exhibition. Reverend Mike Connell's Moving in the Spirit seminar at night. in between, i hope to squeeze in pool time. :D

and after that, going to discuss and plan what to do for the beauty pageant's preliminary round. and yes, i'm in it. i'm so very nervous and thinking about it makes me want to puke. D:


beauty pageant and Future in Neon preliminaries.

beauty pageant reminded me of the classic tiara moment from Big Bang Theory. ^^


the usual, serving in the nursery. that's as far as i know.

next Tuesday;

home to Ipoh to get braces done. /nervous.

a big smile to end the post and see you soon with more exciting updates.

goodnight, God bless.
have a happy week ahead!

숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸
그대 Have a good time
오늘만큼 Party time

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