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Sunday, June 17, 2012
8th June.
Jill's graduation. (: attended with Mummy and Grandpa. rare but awesome (mummy & grandpa attending, i mean, not graduation). 

new Fippers; not the main point. :D spent the rest of the day playing ping pong. 

 15th June.
PCC Appreciation Lunch. food was spicy, cincau was sweet followed by shopping for hair clips with Chareessa, pool @ Golden Break and bible study at night. it was a good busy Friday.

Pool has been quite a blast. hoping to improve though.

been eating some really good cakes. yum yum! my sweet tooth is not going to be as easily satisfied now. the salted cheese from RT recommended by Chareessa was gold. absolutely craving for it now.

i know, not much but gotta head to bed for Sunday service tmr. i'll end with colour hearts! (:

goodnight! God bless~

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