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Monday, May 28, 2012
black glutinous rice tong sui and kuih.

mid-sem break is over! the horror! but it was good. fulfilled about half of the quota of the food i was supposed to eat. the days passed so quickly despite me doing nothing. there was no internet, no Kpop, no transport out. i should really start driving.

one of the main reasons i went back to Ipoh and stayed for so long was for the Stedfast Appreciation Lunch. it was a good lunch, catching up with the boys, the officers and the friends. i'm really hoping to be able to do something in this organization. (:

withing the week, i watched Avengers (for the third time) with Jia Wei, MIB 3 with Mummy, had the delicious seafood salad, fulfilled my craving for tong sui and tau fu fa and spend some time with my grandfather.

also had the opportunity to help out with Rotary stuff; as seen below.

oh ya, not to forget, the trip to Hospital Bahagia was really insightful. all in all, a good week spent to recuperate before facing the month of assignments.

till the next time, God bless!

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