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그해 여름.
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
past 6 days.
Thursday & Friday: Peer Counseling Conference
it was enriching, enlightening, a learning experience. (:

workshops attended were Managing Your Love Life and Leading and Mentoring with EQ. definitely learned quite a bit in both workshops. managing Your Love Life basically says love yourself before loving others. Leading and mentoring with EQ says be aware of your emotions as they guide your focus and language and ultimately how you react.

what does love mean?

Saturday: filming for Jill's tourism video and hanging out with Kim Hock and Ge Wei.

involved getting weird stares for randomly posing and acting in random places, sweaty hands, Korean food and Horlicks McFlurry.

Sunday: church and affordable Japanese food for lunch.

Monday & Tuesday: class per usual, movie and experiment.

watched Dark Shadows with Victor on Monday. movie was odd, some scenes were crude (?). i had different expectations but it was funny. heh.

experiments have started. this is the tough part; having to ask/coerce/beg people to join our experiments. bleh.

pretty much this for now. have a great week and God bless!

and i will end with this:

Jill's balancing pillow tower.


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