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Saturday, March 10, 2012
yes, our Genting trip! we had a few mishaps at the start of the trip but thank God, everything was solved and we took the Genting Express to Genting. we took off right after our exams ended which meant everyone was tired from studying and not having enough sleep. as soon as we reached our room, everyone just plopped on the bed and rested for a while.

group picture!

but finally, after our stomachs started growling, we went off in search of food. wanted to have dinner in a mamak place that Yenns recommended for its cheap and nice food but it was raining and apparently we had to walk out to find it so we had our dinner in some place inside instead. :D

after our dinner, we walked around and some of them separated from us to prepare for Andrea's surprise birthday celebration later on that night. as me, Andrea and Chareessa walked around, we decided we wanted to go on the bumper cars and we ended up getting tickets to the Indoor Theme Park! we had until 12am to play so we utilized the time we had to play everything there or nearly everything there.

we played bumper cars which i'm super addicted to, sat on the roller coaster twice, went in for a screening at the 4D Motion Master thing and sat in a slow-moving colorful ride around the plaza. ^^ 
we headed back to the hotel after all that and while Andrea was in the shower, we got out her cake and sang Happy Birthday when she got out of the bathroom. 

Happy 21st, Andrea! may all your dreams come true and the year a truly amazing one for you!

all of us went to sleep pretty quickly after that. :D we were sooo tired. i could barely keep my eyes open. woke up the next day slightly more refreshed but we had to wait till the mist subsided a little before being able to go into the park. it was still quite foggy but some of the rides (mostly the kiddie ones) were working and we had fun on those while waiting for the real rides to start working. keke.

it took a while for the mist to clear and by then we had just enough time to go on the Corkscrew twice and the Flying Coaster. both were fun and scaaary! i screamed in all the rides and had my eyes closed the whole ride through. i feel like as i grow older, i became more easily afraid of the rides. oh dear.

it was a good time spent with my classmates. i really got the chance to know them a little better like how Andrea, Yenns and Siew Chien are the daredevils while Mei Kei and I are pretty much chickens. \o/ Chareessa was pretty brave too, seeing that i screamed more than she did during the rides. :D
we haven't really had the chance to spend time together and hopefully this won't be the last! 

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