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Sunday, March 25, 2012

 Day 2 of Twin Towers @live 2012 went pretty quietly. not much crowd, not much people that bought tickets to watch too. there were three or four die-hard fans of Orianthi but nothing can compare to the crazy crowd of fanboys/girls of SNSD yesterday. the concert was open to the public when Orianthi started playing which would explain why i had no chance to watch her perform except little glances at the screen outside. she was goood, of course. she sang and played her guitar and she had long blonde hair which was very pretty. D

wristbands and punchers.

 all of a sudden when Orianthi started performing, there were fireworks on the other side of town. not sure what it was about but most ppl paid more attention to it than to her. oops!

 then there was Kelis who belted out R&B songs which i have never heard of before. the only song i know from her is Milkshake; "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right, they're better than yours. i could teach you but i'd have to charge." keke.


the other performer was Faizal Tahir who was pretty good too with his rock songs. it was unfortunate that the crowd was so un-alive. D:

anyway, that is about it. busy day tmr. so yea, good night!

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