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Wednesday, March 07, 2012
i know, i know. what am i doing here while i'm supposed to be studying? well, fret not. i will get back to it once i finish this. ^^ i've always found blogging to be a good stress reliever, so i'm here to take a breather before i go on study mode again, plus i've had this horrible headache since i woke up today. D:

this post is about what i will be doing after my exam ends tomorrow. hehe. 

 the first thing would be to take a trip to Genting Highland with my classmates! we'll be going right after our exam tomorrow. :D please pray for journey mercy and good weather!

i'll going back home of course to see my mum and hopefully, will be able to meet up with my grandpa, my uncle and his family. oh, and also pay a short visit to the Boyfriend in Penang.

ever since the concert, i've been going on some Lee Hom craze. i'm foreseeing a huge amount of time dedicated to scouring the internet and youtube for his videos and all that. maybe i'm just very bad at this but i can't seem to find any proper and complete information on him anywhere! if you look at Kpop, the fans are meticulous; they have everything from albums to music videos to interviews and pictures, loads of pictures and all specially tailored for international fans but Lee Hom? grrrrr~ 

but what i do know is that he is an amazing man. he's not just talented but the way he approaches his work, the way he works so hard and i especially admire his love for music. he's kinda perfect. haha. :D i do wish he'd get married soon though. he's gonna be 40 soon and i wish he'd find someone to share his life with. that girl can't be any girl though. she's got to be somewhat on par with him and i guess that's quite difficult, huh?

going gaga over Lee Hom doesn't mean i'll abandon my Kpop, especially when Big Bang is making a comeback this weekend! their new album is quite epic, love the new sound but somehow, to me, this still doesn't surpass the awesomeness that is their second full-length album, Remember. this album has its own unique sound but i feel that this album is much more geared towards an international audience which is their goal, so goal achieved! still, this album represents Big Bang and that is one thing they've never strayed from. promotions are gonna be craaaaazy. i'm just glad they're back. <3

i've blabbed a lot, haven't i? keke. i'll go back to studying then. 
see you after the trip!

God bless!

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