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Saturday, March 03, 2012
i realised that i post more during exam time which is really unproductive. D:

but here i am anyway.

erm, this was the dinner i had a few days back. baked beans with egg. first time making it, was quite delicious i must say. heeeh. it doesn't look very nice, i know but it reminded me of the way my grandma used to make this. ^^

and yes, i finally used the tumblr although not for a Starbucks drink. :D

and this is my ticket to Lee Hom's concert to be happenin' about 14 hours from now. *flails* will blog all about it when i'm back. hopefully, i would have something to blog about seeing i'm sooo far away from the stage but whatev, quoting Andrea, "i'm breathing the same air as he is!"

goodnight, folks. (: or a really good morning.

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