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Wednesday, February 01, 2012
continuing from where i left off last post, here are the other things that happened during CNY. we visited relatives on the morning of the first day. it was quite a hurried visit because we had to head to Ipoh by lunch time.

the four sisters.

Cam and Jill with Kay doing weird stuff on the wall.

once I reached Ipoh, we headed to visit my maternal side of the family. not much pictures as most of the time were spent eating. its just different when we eat at home. somehow everything tastes better. :D

rushed back to KL in the third day itself as i had class that very afternoon. my darling boyfriend came down to Kl on Friday. ^^

we had a short trip to Genting Highlands. 

went to town to get stuff for the camera and walked around.

even bumped into a group of world-touring bears. :D

the yellow bear is Malaysia's.

yup, that should be all about CNY this year. other than that, the days have been passing by smoothly albeit lots of stress about finding my SS4 tickets and looking for new place to move in. Thank God both issues are solved but this does not mean the end. oh well, a busy life is a healthy one.

will be going back to Ipoh this weekend since its the long weekend. gonna see my bf again! heeeh.
its a rare treat, okay!

goodnight, everyone. take care!

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