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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
my holidays have ended. it is now in fact the second day into my new semester and things have been going well, i guess. this being my second year means adapting back to 3 hours of lecture, doing literature review and having lunch at the two same places every day should be no biggie. :D

but before my holidays ended, i was in Ipoh for a bit, then Penang for a while, then back to Ipoh for a day before coming back here to busy little Subang Jaya. while i was at Penang, nothing much happened. just stayed at home and went online and go on rides on boyfriend's bike. ^^

 during that one day in Ipoh, i got to meet up with Michi, Ju Dee and Rachel. real glad to be able to see Michi before she leaves because that was the only time i could see her. the usual happens whenever we see each other, lots of talking, lots of laughing and lots of reminiscing.

guess this is it for now. other than studies, i've got other things to be stressed about namely Super Show 4 tickets, Lee Hom's concert tickets and finding a new place to move into. RAWR!

God bless and drink lots of water! (:

An ocean without you will live just as tears.

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