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Happy Chinese New Year!
Monday, January 23, 2012
reunion dinner! gonna keep this short because i'll have to wake up early later today (approx. 6 hours later) to go visit relatives and go back to Ipoh.

the food was great, wished i could have ate more and today was one of the rare occasions where someone else peels the prawns for me. thanks, Portia! apparently she loves peeling prawns but she doesn't eat them. hm.

did a lot of washing but with hard work, came good times. the kids (cousins) were so much fun and we laughed so much over random things. ^^

L to R: Ryan, Perry, Me, Jess, Cammie, Jill, Portia.

with Perry.

with Ryan.

playing mahjong with the Aussie cousins.

this is it for now. (:

goodnight and God bless!
have a blast this CNY!

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