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Thursday, December 29, 2011
i have been so neglectful! i cannot believe i have not updated at all and today is actually one month since my last post. the horror! but i'm finally back and despite the lack of internet at home (using mummy's computer at work now), i will update!

to make this reader friendly, i shall keep this short. the past month has involved random baking sprees in the middle of the night, making tong yuen and a visit to Vertigo.

somewhere at the beginning, i went back to Ipoh for awhile, then came back down to KL for Christmas with daddy and family.

with Mummy in KLCC.

Christmas dinner!

i'm pretty sure in the middle of all these, there was the annual church play which was really awesome. they definitely made use of the large space we had but i felt that the ending was a little abrupt :/ 

and then there was the trip to Cameron Highlands with the Boyfriend after Christmas. :DD it was a good trip; a little time for the both of us to enjoy some fresh air, relax and be together. ^^  

and err, new year was spent in Penang with him and church. :D for now, i'm back in Ipoh without any internet (time to detox!) and waiting for Michi to come back from Sri Lanka so that we could meet up. keke.

New Year's post will be coming next! (:

its a tad bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! may 2012 not be the end, but another new beginning for greater things! 

God bless!

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