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Saturday, January 07, 2012
yes, this is the end-of-the-year post for 2011. :D which is way overdue. :/

amazingly, lots happened last year. to make this an easier read and an easier way for me to remember, i shall use categories! :D
and i will start of with my uni life. heeeh. 


like any schooling life, mine was pretty much the same. lectures, assignments, datelines, workshops, presentations and exams.


there were times when it was tough and nerve wrecking. its good that i'm getting used to speaking in front of people but it still doesn't come easy. one thing i should really acquire a habit of though is to finish my assignments ahead of time. i guess this could be one of my new year resolution.

when i look back, its so surprising to know i've done so much, spoke so much, wrote so much, that i've had the strength to go through all these and still be alive and sane-ish. well, this is a good indicator that i may actually come out alive at the end of this year too (can't guarantee the sanity though).

above all, i really thank God for my amazing classmates especially Andrea, Chareessa and Alice (so glad Mei Kei's back) because they are the ones that have kept me grounded and not lost. ^^


not much changes have happened. i am grateful that everyone's health remained well, noone was particularly in bad health although there were some scares with my grandma and grandpa.

my eldest sister got engaged! and there's a new baby on my mum's side of the family but i've yet to meet him unfortunately. if i'm not mistaken, there should be another one on the way! ^^

praying nothing unpleasant happens this year, only happy memories, kay!


 i will not deny that it is superbly difficult and i will wish more than anything that we are not doing this long distance but this was the card dealt to us. gotta suck it up and live with every precious moment that i can get with him. over the past year, we have most probably seen each other about 15 times, each time ranging from a weekend to about a week.

we have had our arguments, we have had our tears but we also have had our laughters and mushy moments you ppl don't need to hear about. keke.

i'm not giving up on us

even if the skies get rough


2011 was very good, Kpop wise. went for two Super Show 3 concerts, seeing GD&Top and Seungri and SJM, seeing Super Junior again recently. i mean, it was GOOOD! also, being able to see other Kpop acts which came along was plus plus. but 2012 is greater, i can feel it except i don't have the money for it. sigh. currently, i'm looking forward to Super Show 4 in Spore and Lee Hom's concert in March. really praying i can make it for both.

for all my fan accounts and kpop related stuff, go here. (:


one very positive thing that happened during 2011 is losing weight. :D hopefully, 2012 see myself maintaining this figure. i don't want to lose any more weight really and not to mention, i did not even lose those weight intentionally. 

lets see, what has changed? i have started serving in church, in the nursery ministry. it has been exhausting but so rewarding to be able to look after the babies and they're just soo adorable, you know!

other than that, i really don't know what to say. personally, i feel that i have such a long way more to go, in terms of spirituality and maturity. 2011 has actually brought to surface new problems or should i say old problems that i have buried and now have to face or i'll forever be stuck in the mud of discontent. grrr.

mm, to end this post, i'll go with the ever cliched new year resolutions. pretty simple ones: do well in studies, do well everywhere else. or in the words of a psychology student, to shorten the gap behind my actual self and ideal self. (:

i'm giving you all my love
i'm still looking up

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