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Wednesday, November 16, 2011
 yes, its been awhile since Halloween. so here's a little update of what i've been up to. nothing too exciting, mind you. :D

for my Moral Studies class, we went over to a school in Sg. Buloh for a community enrichment project. had quite a bit of fun with the kids, so all was good. the computer lessons that my group was in charge of went smoothly and the entire project didn't go through any big hiccups. just a tiny one when lunch arrived later than expected.

Group 4

after everything's done. (:
teaching Shareena how to change font size. ^^

today was actually the last class for Moral Studies and the exam will be held next Tuesday. quite sad about not seeing the friends i made in that class anymore especially my group members. we had a good time together; suffering the early mornings everyday with each other can really foster relationships. LOL.

mm, what else was there? well, i fell sick for about two days with a case of suspected H1N1. thank God, it wasn't and i got better real quick. had a little issue with my Brain & Behavior assignment but its cleared now. over the course of two weeks, there were two presentations, one report and two nursery duties. :D 

been quite hectic for the few weeks leading up to final exams but hopefully everything will tone down soon enough so that i could get some studying done. there's only one persuasive speech, one video and one report on that video to be done before the finals start.

this is it so far. before i end, here's a small encouragement. (:
keep smiling!

God bless and take care!

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