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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the past few days have been busy busy busy like a bumble bee. it started with the Psychology Club Social Gathering last Friday. we had a sort of treasure hunt thing to look for the restaurant where we'll have our dinner. turned out to be Papa's John. 

everyone that attended.
from batch 13: me, Jusef and Andrea.
headed to i-City after the gathering with my sis, Elysia and Peter's cg members for laser tag. it was awesome and everyone should try laser tag! total adrenaline rush!

with our suits and guns!

Jill had her awards ceremony last Saturday, which meant not one single day did i get to wait up later than 9am but it was all good because its not everyday that your sister is the only person in her course to get the scholarship. ^^ what made it even better was that daddy and Aunty Lynda attended the ceremony too.


Sunday service with Jayeslee was great. after hearing about their mum (which i might have teared a little at), i realized they are really such an inspiration and really awesome people.

singing a Korean worship song.

had Train the Trainer workshop on Monday. went pretty smoothly although i might have bore some people to death with my part of the presentation. :/ at least there's only one more speech left to give before the sem ends.

all smart and professional. (:

at the CMH health awareness thing.

overall, the past few days have been hectic. for further evidence, i fell asleep on the couch just now at daddy's place after dinner. oh, which reminds me. food blessing! since daddy has been here for nearly a week, i have been having yummy nutritious and absolutely filling dinner every night. below are some of the dinner i've had this past week. mind you, all these food are made by my dad.

Tuna pizza.

Mushroom, bacon, boiled eggs topping.

best omelet ever!

claypot rice.

more busy days will follow. although it can get pretty stressful, i like busy days; reminds me that i'm alive and living it the best way i can. (:

God bless!

all i hear are raindrops.

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