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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
had a week of mid-sem break last week.

was in Penang for the first half of it and spent the weekend over at Ipoh with mummy before heading back here. had another birthday celebration since i didn't get to celebrate my birthday with her. but lets not get ahead of myself. it all started on a Saturday morning where mummy brought me and my sister to eat fish head noodle. apparently quite famous too!

recipe for the noodle!

yum yum fishballs, fish cakes thingy and that very delicious meat patty thing. :D

the amazing fish head noodle!

the fish head noodle was quite good. a bit different from the one i had in KL because this one had no milk and was actually sour-ish.

Saturday was a busy day because we went to renew Jill's IC which took about 10 minutes but the journey there was the time-consuming one. headed back to town to get kaya puffs, yim kuk kai, swiss roll and had tau fu fah along the way. and below was the feast prepared for my birthday.


while waiting for the feast to begin, my sister and I had a little fun playing around. HEEH.

photo session!

beware of the green umbrella lady! she may not have a head behind it.

i will axe out your eyes, says the evil woodcutter.

mummy preparing food for us! (:

after the feast, we decided to have some self-entertainment with a short karaoke session. keke.

had to end the karaoke session early as we needed to sleep early and wake up early the next day.

mummy got me a new Padini bag as my birthday pressie but i'm too lazy to take a picture of it now. might show you guys later on kay? 

uni life has resumed and domino's pizzas have been sold. next up: personality psy quiz, community project, train the trainer, experiments and research papers. life, why you so relentless?

goodnight, everyone!

it beats for you, so listen close.

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