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turning 20 on the 20th. (:
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
 another year has gone, another year to go. i think the older i get, the better and more wonderful my birthday celebrations are becoming. tis' an amazing feeling and something i'm really grateful for. as mentioned in previous post, i went up to Penang to spend the weekend with the Boyfriend. (:

had a semi-surprise birthday celebration with him and his cell group on Saturday night after service. headed over to Starbucks after dinner where they celebrated my birthday.

best birthday cake ever!

yes, very yummy cake made specially for me by Boyfriend's mum! hehehe. ^^

it was a wonderful weekend and despite having to be apart again, its every moment that counts. 

also got presents from my classmates/housemates. thanks loads, Andrea, Alice, Mei Kei and Chareessa! the earrings and necklace are pweeetty!


 and these are pretty tops from my sis. ^^

 thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has made my birthday special, who wished me and prayed for me, who just exists in my life and make it a happier place. 감사합니다!

니가 너무 고맙잖아 .

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