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Friday, September 23, 2011
my third birthday celebration with my beloved E7 CG of course!
erm, we kinda forgot to take a group picture, so yea, only pictures of me!
after CG, we headed to Station One for dinner/supper. i was busy playing this shake the Coke thing on Steph's iPhone that it totally caught me by surprise when Jill appeared with the cake and the guys behind her and all of them started singing Happy Birthday.

although i did guess that they will be celebrating my birthday that day, i was still pleasantly surprised when my sister appeared with the cake. ^^ 

 love the ice-cream cake! thank you, everyone at E7 for this wonderful semi-surprise. you guys are awesome. (:

and i super adore the birthday cards! its so creative! Steph, you are a genius! they are literally cards! i was confused when Steph passed me the blue card holder and told me that's my present because i was wondering what am i supposed to do with it when suddenly all the birthday cards appeared and i realized its purpose after all. :D and the bracelet is real pretty too!

to all who wished me and celebrated with me, THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! this has been an awesome beginning to my 20th year of life. (:

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