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Thursday, September 15, 2011
 lets see, what has happened over the past few days? well, Jill and I went to watch My Kingdom starring Hangeng and Wuchun last Sunday. good plot but poor execution. good news? Hangeng's acting has definitely improved and its nice to see him flaunt some martial arts skill. ^^

 other exciting happenings include two days of serving in the nursery back to back, celebrating Mooncake festival with my family and my surprise birthday celebration! 

nursery was good experience, seeing more babies and learning how to handle them. its a really emotionally draining time though, for me anyway. not sure why. hmmmm. :/

Mooncake festival was good. had my grandmother over at the house and we had dinner together, talked a little, laughed a little, bonded a little more. (: but the most exciting thing that happened was my surprise birthday celebration as it was totally unexpected. when i came down from the stairs and saw Jess holding a birthday cake with all of them singing the birthday song, i actually sang along wondering if its popo's birthday already. then, it dawned onto me that they were celebrating my birthday! :D

cake was nice and it was just super sweet for them to celebrate my birthday which is actually 5 days later. plus its rare to celebrate my birthday with my family, so this was a blessing indeed! (:


this was a picture taken during the Rotary Installation Night that happened a two months back. just wanted to post this here because i thought mother and daughter looked really pretty. hehe.

 a new addition to my fluffy cute toys collection; Tuffy! this was a surprise and kinda random gift from the Boyfriend. heeeh. it now hangs on the bag he got for me. will be seeing him tomorrow and spending the weekend in Penang! /happyhappy!


take care, everyone. the haze has been quite bad lately! God bless!

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