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Tuesday, August 16, 2011
 hello hello! (:

i'm guessing this would be my last update of my fun-filled semester break as there is only 1 week left to it. will be returning to KL tmr, just in time for Dr Ron Choong's second midweek service. (: i've been quite secretive about how i've been spending this last week of my break, haven't i? well, i have been in Penang. i went up two Fridays ago and stayed there till yesterday. so i was there for about 10 days? it was good time spent; but then, time spent with people you love is always good time spent. heeeh. ^^

arrived in time for CHC Penang's 6th year anniversary celebration. after service on Saturday, I was introduced to the cell group members of A6 and we headed off to Straits Quay for dinner. it was quite an expensive dinner but the food was good and it was sort of my first time eating Nyonya food.

dinner at Nyonya Breeze @ Straits Quay

Sunday service (:

with Pastor Saras.
i was also invited to Daniel and Jac's farewell party on Sunday night as they were heading off to US for work. their house was over at the mainland, which was also the first time i went over to the mainland. was told by Jerry that there was good cha kuay teow over there but we did not end up going there for supper as we were all very much full and slightly tipsy. keke.

group picture!
on Tuesday, we went to send Daniel and Jac off at the airport and i finally watched Harry Potter. :D

attended cell group on Wednesday. i forgot which day it was but i had a seafood dinner which was yummy. hehe. i had crabs~ ^^

i decided to stay awhile longer so that i could attend the cg outing last Sunday. we went to Monkey Beach! we started a bit late in the evening, around 4pm and hiked our way to Monkey Beach but by the time we reached, we only had about half an hour or so to play and enjoy the beach because the boat that was to fetch us all back came around 6pm. still, we had a game of sand charades and then, a short game of captain ball where my group won (keke!) before we left.

group picture before leaving.
 headed off to have seafood for dinner, a perfect way to end the day. the friends i made during my stay over there were really nice and friendly and also Ps Saras who welcomed me so warmly to his church, i am so grateful that i got to meet them and spend time with them.

i really enjoyed my sem break and feeling quite recharged to face the new sem. really praying that everything will go well and there'll be no unhappy or sad things that happen.

this is it. (: thank you ♥ for having me in Penang. missing the times we spent together already.

you're my super, super man.

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