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Tuesday, August 02, 2011
this was supper on Tuesday night. i don't know why (or maybe i just don't go out enough in KL) but i can't find any tong sui in KL, not the kinds i like anyway. definitely not this. :/

 Wednesday / 27.7.11

another guinea pig session was due. this time it was for an aroma-therapeutic facial/massage. i liked this one slightly better because it was shorter which meant less time spent lying on the bed and running the risk of getting a bed sore. and this is how i looked at the end of it. (: 

 after lunch, my mum and i were supposed to head down to KL as she had a workshop the day after. but before we went down, she had to wash her hair and i joined in, getting my hair blown curly along the way. the effect was not as pretty as i hoped it'd be. guess this means i won't be getting my hair permed anytime soon.

this is how i looked after the curls have loosened up a bit.

 finally reached KL about 8pm, went for a Korean dinner and headed back to the apartment for sleep.

Thursday / 28.7.11

met up with Mummy in Pyramid after her workshop. decided to have dinner in Bubba Gump. (: Mummy stayed another night since it was getting kinda late.

and now, on to the television issue. as mentioned in previous post, i stole/lent a TV from my grandaunt. the sole purpose of the tv was to get my Unifi installed. wonder why this is so? because the lady who called said that the people might not even install my Unifi if they saw that there was no TV. so we lugged the TV all the way from Ipoh, up the 6 floors of my apartment and ta-da! now, not only do i have internet access, i have got a TV which is absolutely brilliant, i must say. :D

 Friday / 29.7.11

mummy left early in the morning as she had an appointment back in Ipoh. later that evening, i received a really awesome surprise. one that meant and represent a lot more than just a book of pictures and the people in it simply because of the person who gave it to me. although, the book by itself is also magnificent! keke.

 Saturday / 30.7.11

today is the big day! the FIRST service in No.3, the new CHC building. met up early with the rest of the cell group members and gathered in the lobby awaiting the grand opening.

 the hall is huge! and the LED screen on stage is massive! and everything was pretty neat. gonna have to get used to this new place. :D its all very exciting though!

caught a late night movie after dinner, watched Captain America which is really good! so do go watch it!

Sunday / 31.7.11

had an early morning since i volunteered for SWAT and was at church since 7.30am to help out with taking care of the kids in children church. after this experience, as much as i like kids, i am kinda glad to have been placed in nursery where the babies there don't talk or run around. *__*

after service, i went to send a friend off and ended up taking 3 hours to get back home. it was a combination of lack of sleep, the fact that its a Sunday and the slightly undependable transport system where you have to wait 30 minutes for the train and 1 hour for the bus. sigh.

had dinner at daddy's place since he came back and cooked dinner. good food as always. (:

this is it so far. i'm in the second week of my sem break and really looking forward to just making the most out of it. and i've never been more grateful that the internet and TV arrived just in time for my break. ^^

take care everyone! God bless!

bahawa semua akan indah 
pada waktunya

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