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Monday, July 18, 2011
exams are over! i am alive and kicking but not for long, i desperately need to compensate all the sleep i've lost this past week. all the caffeine and the eyebags i have now were worth it since i think i didn't do too bad in my papers. *clasps hands* please pretty please, Lord, good marks! today was my last paper. although my initial plan was to go home and sleep like its nobody's business, it was disrupted since i decided to finally get a hair cut. nearly a quarter of my hair is gone! quite sad about all the hair that got snipped away but the new look is not bad. ^^


the last weekend was really good. Sunday, especially was quite awesome. Parachute Band is awesome! i love their songs and the worship session they led was brilliant. after service, we headed over to Sarah's house for our belated cg outing. ate durians! watched Hangover and generally, spent some time just hanging out with each other. we celebrated Siew Min's birthday last Thursday after cg and that's about all the exciting things that happened to me other than exams (boo!).

looking forward to the holidays. still waiting for the internet to be installed. grrr. how am i going to live without the internet?! and i have even ran out of shows to watch on my laptop. D: but other than that, all is well. (: going to end here before i start being incoherent.

take care! God bless!

you caught my soul when i was struggling to breathe
you made me whole and now, Your majesty I see

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