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Wednesday, July 06, 2011
 er. hi. (:

i would write a fan account for Beast's Asia Tour that happened last Friday but i wasn't there, so i can't. its kinda sad because the first time we went for Beast's showcase, we stood pretty much at the other end of the wall and we could barely watch their performances and this time, we are pushed even further back, to the point where we can't hear or see them. D: thankfully, it was held in Sunway Lagoon, so there was still a little chance to hear them and watch them from afar. ahh, i'll never forget the smile Dong Woon gave me during the fansign. *__*

nothing much happened over the week. Pastor Rob Buckingham was the guest speaker for last weekend's service. he's a really funny guy. ^^ and then, I had some distant relatives that came over to Malaysia from Australia for a holiday. with them, came two little girls who are so adorable and pretty. Jemma is 4 years old and Naomi is 6. i'm not sure what is the exact relationship we have. they are the granddaughters of my granduncle and grandaunt. does that make sense? lol. they've left today, i think.  

Jemma and Naomi.
need to get back to studying.

see you after the exams. (:

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